A few Costumes on “Game of Thrones” Are Actually Clever IKEA Hacks

On Game of Thrones, individuals from the Night’s Watch are viewed as a band of rebels who battle respectably, shield Westeros from white walkers, and obviously go shopping at enormous box furniture stores. An ensemble originator for Game of Thrones uncovered that individuals from the Night’s Watch are really wearing modified mats from IKEA as they go up against the winter.


Amid a discussion at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Michele Clapton, who planned the outfits for Seasons One through Five and returned for this season, uncovered the mystery about the Night’s Watch hides.

“These tops are really IKEA carpets,” she stated, to praise. “We take anything we can. We cut, and after that we shaved them, and afterward we included solid cowhide straps, and breakdown which resembles a religion on Game of Thrones.” Breakdown, as per BuzzFeed, is making the capes look matured, which can mean utilizing color or sandpaper. You can watch her talk about the procedure at around 27 minutes in.


It’s not clear which IKEA floor covering Clapton ran with, but rather Quartz hypothesizes it could be the Tejn, which goes for $14.99 each, or the Rens, which is made of genuine sheepskin.

In any case, they should look particularly lived-in when they appear on screen. “I need the crowd to nearly notice the outfits,” Clapton said. Nowadays, Jon Snow has overhauled his closet to mirror his King in the North status, and it would seem that his new robes aren’t exactly IKEA. Perhaps it’s West Elm.


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