At Home With ‘Flip Or Flop’s Christina El Moussa


In spite of what we’ve gained from her current residency in the sensationalist newspapers, be that as it may, there’s something else entirely to Christina El Moussa than meets the eye.

The 6,000-square-foot, Spanish-style house she and Tarek obtained together three years back, for example, gives a false representation of the HGTV star’s on-screen way to deal with plan. Here, a palette of unbiased hues like dark, white and dim are the main shared characteristic to her Flip or Flop homes. (All things considered, that and the way that Christina says she “needed to change everything” after strolling into the house.) The rest is best depicted as a mashup of regular decorations and breathtaking completing touches that she alludes to as “provincial glitz”.


“I like a spotless look,” Christina says, indicating the lobby’s pearlescent backdrop as the motivation point for whatever is left of the home. “I planned everything around this brilliant, shimmery look, yet I needed to in any case keep up the manly components, which is the reason I kept the created press subtle elements,” she includes.

Additionally keeping pace with the stylistic theme’s more rural side: a channeled roof in the family room, made of wood recovered from one of Christina and Tarek’s Flip or Flop houses.

However, the home’s most conspicuous theme — a great trellis design — really underscores the natural glitz vibe she was following. From the room to the powder room and home performance center down the stairs, there’s no lack of the visual depiction component all through the house.


Experiencing childhood in adjacent Anaheim Hills, Christina got herself encompassed by more Asian-roused stylistic theme and an overabundance of tchotchkes, which no uncertainty helped shape her moderate style. “[My mother and I] are total inverses in that sense…it gives me tension if there’s an excessive amount of stuff out,” she says, clarifying the splendid reserve spots she’s cut out of a one-time library and the family room’s media support.

Adjusting the home’s Spanish-style roots with her slant toward excitement (not to be confused for triviality, as she tells, Christina included articulation ceiling fixtures and punctuated them with precious stone embellishments, a look best embodied in the formal lounge area.


Christina concedes, however, this show-ceasing minute is truly quite recently that: for appear. “I never truly get the opportunity to utilize [it], so I’m ready to leave the table set,” she says, mulling over regardless of whether 2017 will be the year an occasion supper custom takes off.

Very little has changed outline shrewd since Tarek moved out, Christina says. That is, except for a beating new terrace that she had redesigned toward the finish of a year ago.


There, she discovers asylum among the murmur of pool waterfalls and a scaled down putting green, and the positive vitality she discloses to she’s resolved to keep up. “Tarek and I are as yet shooting Flip or Flop, and #1 we have the children, so toward the day’s end I simply need to be sure and not consider whatever else.”



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    I need the kitchen table and chairs! Where can i find them?


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