Reese Witherspoon’s TV House Is Decorated with Bargain Finds from HomeGoods

It turns out, Reese Witherspoon’s character on Big Little Lies adores a decent deal as much as whatever is left of us.

On Friday, the inside originator for the new HBO arrangement uncovered how she changed the rooms of a genuine Malibu house into a chic beach front natural surroundings suiting Madeline Mackenzie, the character played by Witherspoon.

The key? The universally adored reasonable stylistic theme store.

“A great deal, if not all, the shoreline stylistic theme is HomeGoods,” said set decorator Amy Wells.

“I run in with two of my purchasers and everybody gets a truck and we begin a wagon prepare,” Wells said of her procedure. “We experience, fill a truck, line up at the clerk, the clerk takes a gander at us like, ‘Goodness my god, what are you all doing?’ and after that we go for another round.”


Since the show is shot in 360 degrees and utilizations genuine homes for the settings, Wells furnished the spaces with lighting and accents one would expect in genuine, practical rooms. “[Director Jean-Marc VallĂ©e] has this small little camera and we utilize no film lights, so my lights, my apparatuses are what lights the scenes,” said Wells.


One HomeGoods piece that made a cameo in the main scene is a bit of trade craftsmanship in the Mackenzie kitchen. “On the off chance that you find in Madeline’s home when they’re having supper and there’s an indication that says ‘To Beach’ ideal over her stove, that is from HomeGoods,” said Wells.




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