This $1 Mil Mansion COULD POSSIBLY BE Yours for $6



A man who may have struggled to market his $1,000,000, seven-bedroom Scottish mansion has think of a nifty way to obtain it off the marketplace.

Shamus Fitzsimmons, a father-of-two regarding to Business Insider, is raffling off Dullatur House in North Lanarkshire for ?5 ($6) a solution after failing woefully to sell it for days gone by year.

Aspiring homeowners can enter in via a site called where they need to answer a question about the home.



On the site, Fitzsimmons talks about that after burning off his job and attempting to pay the home loan, the family made a decision to sell up but battled via the traditional route of any estate agent.

Master bedroom.


“Rather than the banking companies flexing their muscles and repossessing this lovely home, we’ve made a decision to take things into our very own hands. We found other folks owning a similar competition, it’s did the trick for them, why not us? Offer someone the ability of an eternity to own an excellent Scottish Country Mansion House – Mortgage loan Free!”

The house, that was built-in 1745, is defined in over 6,000 rectangular foot of private land with a 250-year-old Monkey Puzzle Tree and one acre of private landscapes. Gleam heated outdoor pool, fitness center area and six-person sauna.




Last year, the home was respected at ?625,000 ($791,100) but has recently been offered over ?825,000 ($1,000,000). The receiving house should come fully equipped and fit for profession.

As mentioned, the web entry cost is ?5 ($6) per solution nevertheless they are receiving free written entries by high grade post.

Your competition is start until Dec and the home owners hope that if indeed they increase 250,000 seat tickets, they have paid their fees and protected the sale. If indeed they reach their goal, they also have said they’ll contribute ?25,000 (over $31,600) to Macmillan Tumor Support as a means of thanking everyone who moved into.



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