This Idyllic Wyoming Guest House Was Built to Look Like a Rustic Converted Barn

Being inquired as to whether you were brought up in an animal dwellingplace might be a deep rooted affront, however we’re wagering anybody would be glad to call this one home. Or possibly, home far from home.

animal dwellingplace enlivened visitor house wyoming carport



The mortgage holders needed to include a visitor house-cut rec center to their Wilson, Wyoming, property, as per a Big Life Magazine highlight of the completed item. Their affection for horse shelters enlivened the structure, and they contracted draftsmen John Carney and Matt Bowers of Carney Logan Burke—a similar firm behind the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve building and the development and remodel at Jackson Hole Airport—to breath life into it.

horse shelter roused visitor house outside


The delightful horse shelter started with a great shape, which Carney and Bowers modernized with a gridded glass divider on the second floor (what might have customarily been a barn).

horse shelter roused visitor house inside window see



Inside, the windows offer grand perspectives of the Teton Range mountains while splashing the exquisite wood floors and uncovered roofs in light.

animal dwellingplace motivated visitor house room


For such a provincial building and setting, the inside, planned by WRJ Design Associates, is shockingly present day.

horse shelter enlivened visitor house kitchen and stairs


Butterfly establishment by Paul Villinski, civility of Tayloe Piggott Gallery.

A room, restroom, and kitchen gives a place to visitors to stay, while an open exercise space fills a more down to earth need year-round.



Ground floor, the principal floor carport houses the proprietor’s vintage vehicles.


horse shelter propelled visitor house ground floor carport

There are even quite little bloom beds outside.

horse shelter propelled visitor house outside

Would this be able to visitor house get any cuter? We’d love to spend the night here!



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