This Quirky Treehouse Is Airbnb’s Most Popular Listing in the World

The prize for the most-saw posting on Airbnb really goes to an idiosyncratic treehouse in Atlanta, Today reports. With more than 300,000 site visits each month and 147,000 individuals adding the property to their Airbnb ‘lists of things to get,” it’s their most wanted remain around the world. (In spite of the fact that, with all that stunning nature on its doorstep, we can’t state we’re astounded!)


The treehouse’s Airbnb page gladly states: “We are respected to have been named in 2016 as Airbnb’s #1 most wish-recorded property on the planet!!! Much obliged to you!”

Costing $386 a night, the Secluded Intown Treehouse offers a urban withdraw with three separate suites associated by rope spans. Covered up among the trees and ideal for two individuals, the total treehouse structure has a lounge room with classical decorations and an overhang, a room with a twofold informal lodging stylistic layout, and a deck with wraparound walkways.

Holding the majority of this up are seven trees, including the biggest one, Old Man, a 150-year-old Southern Short-Leaf Pine.



Despite the fact that for a lavatory visit, you’ll need to fly to the principle private place of the hosts, just 30 seconds away.

The exceptional property was planned by Peter Bahouth around 18-years-prior. “I didn’t generally know how I would feel about having individuals remain around here,” Bahouth told Today. “However, I started to understand that individuals were having these astounding, extraordinary encounters and it was significant [to them], and it subsequently wound up plainly important for me.



“Individuals come here and they compose and they think. They leave awesome stories and they have things transpire here. Here and there, they leave following two days and they simply appear to be unique — they seem as though they simply expected to cool off a bit.”


Sounds like an awesome approach to grasp nature to us. Nodding off in the trees, open to the components and awakening to birdsong. Would you like a stay here? Reservations from May 2018 are currently accessible…




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