Tish and Brandi Cyrus Have a New Design Show

Watch your back, Joanna Gaines: Tish Cyrus, spouse of Billy Ray and mother of Miley, and her girl, Brandi Cyrus, will star in their own plan rivalry demonstrate debuting on Bravo on May 25.

Set in the place where they grew up of Nashville, every scene of Cyrus versus Cyrus: Design and Conquer takes after the change of one room, starting with Tish and Brandi pitching their individual plan thoughts to the customer. They at that point cooperate to actualize the triumphant redesign design.

Likewise with any mother and little girl overcome enough to work together in an expert setting, there’s a lot of head-butting and contending included, particularly with regards to spending plan, as Brandi as of late uncovered.

Billy Ray Cyrus, Tish Cyrus, Miley Cyrus at 2015 MTV Video Music Awards


“When I enliven my home, I have a strict spending that I stay with, and I can’t spend more than that,” Brandi, 29, said amid NBCUniversal’s Summer Press Day 2017. “She can spend what she needs, you know…it’s funny since I’m more youthful, and I ought to be the one needing to discard cash on things, and she’s the one doing that!”

“I’m younger…I ought to be the one needing to discard cash on things, and she’s the one doing that!”



The show is a genuine family undertaking, with Billy Ray and youngsters Miley, Noah, Trace, and Braison all showing up at various focuses in the arrangement. Tish, 50, was particularly satisfied that little girl Miley swung to Cyrus versus Cyrus for help beautifying her Music City home.

“[Miley] comes to me since she needs to have a place in Nashville, and she resembles, ‘Mother, how about we do this for your show.’ Like, I battled for a long time to accomplish something and now you need to be on!” said Tish. “In any case, it’s special to the point that the whole family is in it.”

Tish Cyrus and Brandi Cyrus on their

Tish, who possesses the generation organization behind such movies as The Last Song and LOL, will fill in as an official maker of the show. She has likewise dealt with the vocations of both Miley and most youthful little girl Noah, an on-screen character.

At the point when approached about her inspiration for doing the show, Tish said her enthusiasm for inside outline, combined with Brandi’s support, cemented the choice. “Throughout the previous seven years, I’ve had a variety of individuals come to me about doing a show [but] I’ve sort of dependably been off camera,” she said. “I generally realized that on the off chance that I would do a show, it would need to be something I was super energetic about, and my little girl said to me, ‘You know, mother, that energy for configuration is your art…you’ve helped us get our craft out there for the world and your specialty is recently vital.'”

Brandi, designer of the mold site Style Native, calls Tish her closest companion. “She’s so youthful and had me so youthful [at age 20] that throughout the years we simply built up this genuine companionship.”

Tune into Bravo on Thursday, May 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT to get the principal scene of Tish and Brandi’s show.


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