Trust it or Not: This Gorgeous Southern Cottage Is Actually a Tiny House

This small home is enthusiastic about Southern style. Meet the Low Country, a 464-square-foot structure that very well might be the dreamiest modest home we’ve at any point seen. The secluded house is one of two composed by Jeffrey Dungan (of Birmingham-based Jeffrey Dungan Architects) as a major aspect of the Clayton Building Group’s Tiny Collection (likewise in the gathering is the Saltbox). This specific Designer Series small home (and normally, our top pick) is named Low Country to pay tribute to the Southern locales that enlivened its style.


The outside components poplar bark agreeing with 1×4 vertical shiplap, while the rooftop is made of cedar shake and metal. “When I consider low nation, it’s constantly about the marshlands of South Carolina and the beach front districts around Savannah and Charleston with their intrinsic and inebriating simplicity of living,” Dungan said. “What could be more Southern than a patio with section underpins and carefully assembled subtle elements like cut crossbeam tails at the roof for good measure?”


Like some old Southern homes, the Low Country gloats vaulted roofs to enable warmth to ascend amid those hot, hot summers—in addition to dormer windows for better ventilation. The present floor design dozes four easily (there’s a ruler measure bed in the ace).


In the kitchen, there’s a full-tallness storeroom, a gas stove, a dishwasher, and implicit bar eating for four. There’s even a stacked washer-dryer, worked in work area, and full stature wardrobe stockpiling—three things not generally found in spaces of this size.


At present, the Low Country is simply an idea minor home, which means it’s not yet accessible to the general population. It likewise does not yet have an affirmed development time or value point—however we’re informed that could be coming soon.



“When we were drawn closer to plan a gathering of particular or made houses, my first idea was, ‘That is the thing that I’ve spent the better piece of my life staying away from!'” Dungan said. “After some reflection, I understood that occasionally openings come camouflaged. We were awed with how genuine the gathering at Clayton was tied in with accomplishing something out-of-the-case that could really change the worldview of being a fabricated home. We keep on being amped up for the test of increasing current standards and excited with bringing the fit and complete of custom homes to an absolutely new market.”






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