Two Tiny Houses and a Sunroom Combine to Comfortably Fit a Family of Four


In Hawaiian culture, “ohana” implies family. Be that as it may, a major family most likely isn’t what rings a bell when you consider minor houses—unless it’s the Ohana small home planned by VIVA Collectiv with planner Brian Crabb.

At right around 600 square feet, it’s more open that most minor homes—and that is on the grounds that it’s really two modest 174-square-foot trailers joined by a 240-square-foot glass-roofed sunroom in the center, shaping one “mega” small home. Intended for a group of four, the house offers a lot of security among its different regions, while as yet joining bunches of room for family time and engaging.


The left unit contains the kitchen, finish with a refrigerator, a little stove, a washer/dryer, and a lot of counter space, and additionally a comfortable looking main room.

The washroom, however little, brags an eye-getting tile plan that influences you to feel like you’re showering in the quietness of nature.

The correct unit holds the parlor and two rooms, one hurled over the other, making it the ideal spot for children to bunk up.


Yet, we think the best element is certainly that fantastic outdoors sunroom. Proprietor Clayton Hanchett says that the room was enlivened by a shoreline home intended for Louis Vuitton, however was adjusted to suit the Portland, Oregon range.

“You’re so welcomed by that room when you take a gander at the windows,” Clayton tells “It just includes a segment that is extremely extraordinary. It’s an extraordinary approach to appreciate the property.”

Hanchett reveals to us his family adores to utilize the space for engaging companions (yes, they really have gatherings in their minor home!). Actually, the Hanchetts as of late facilitated a social gathering for 50 individuals (!) where visitors could meander between the two trailers, the sunroom, and the yard.



“It’s amusing to impart to others,” Clayton tells “A great many people say, ‘I could see myself living here. This is extremely feasible.’ That’s what we adore about it.”

Highlighted on a scene of Tiny House Nation, the house is presently available to be purchased, which means it could be yours $100,000.




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