Woven Launches Modern Rugs Informed by Ancient Motifs


Decades after his dad propelled Woven Accents, a purveyor of old fashioned floor coverings, Sam Moradzadeh has rebranded, basically, as Woven. More than a showcasing move, the change speaks to the following stage in the development of the organization: Its first in-house plan exertion, Studio Woven, comprises of hand-tied carpets educated by old themes however skewed toward the present sensibilities. Fleece alternatives incorporate Phife, a gesture to Morocco; Quest, a labyrinth that references Japanese sewing; Iaon, a textural lattice; and Adam, taken from a Turkish mosaic. There are likewise fascinating fiber blends. Welko is an amalgam of hemp, material, and fleece, while hover in-a-square Won consolidates silk and Aloo.







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