You Can Now Rent an Entire Caribbean Island on Airbnb

Having your own particular private island is the sort of experience most insignificant mortals can just dream of, yet fortunately for us, Airbnb is making that more conceivable.

A whole Caribbean island is accessible to lease by means of Airbnb, and keeping in mind that it’s not shoddy at £456 ($594) a night, you positively don’t need to be a mogul to manage the cost of it.

It’s called Bird Island and is found quite recently off the bank of Belize.


It’s a self-providing food stay — you’ll have the whole island to yourself — and offers exercises, for example, sunbathing, swimming and kayaking (and in addition, obviously, getting a charge out of mixed drinks in your loft).

The island has a working with a main room and two separate cabanas, which means up to six individuals can remain at once.




Furthermore, the audits are unquestionably positive. “In case you’re perusing this, you have to quit pondering and treat yourself to a genuine joy and book this place,” says one client.

Then, another previous guest said of her unspoiled experience: “My beau and I spent our days kayaking to the encompassing islands, snorkeling or sitting in lofts perusing. We particularly cherished the view from the best deck where we could watch barracuda or mammoth beams swim by since the water was so evident.”


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